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Sitecore 9 Experience Platform (XP) images released

XP joins the Docker party!

The circle is complete, specialized Solr image also added

Solr image for Sitecore 9.0.1 with embedded core and volume support added to the Sitecore Docker image repository.

Specialized SQL Server images added to the Sitecore Docker image repository

Ready to use images with embedded Sitecore databases and volume support.

Automatically build and update Sitecore base Docker images

A git repository that you can use directly and get private images of all Sitecore versions

solrwin, Solr in a Windows container with SSL

Need a Solr server with SSL in a 1.5 GB nanoserver container that also works with Sitecore 9 and SIF?

Sitecore 9, SIF and Docker

Using SIF to install Sitecore 9 in a Docker image.

Ultimate legacy-in-a-box test

Go old school and run Sitecore 4.3.2 with Docker!

Visual Studio 2017 Docker tooling and Sitecore

Using the new built-in tooling to develop Sitecore solutions.

Sitecore and Docker - Today!

It is today possible (and usable) to run and develop Sitecore solutions in Docker.

Native Windows Server Container support on Windows 10 is coming

Awesome Build 2016 announcements...

Sitecore running in a Windows Server Container - Part 2

Tips and tricks for working with containers and hosts.

Sitecore running in a Windows Server Container

The day finally came! It is now possible to run Sitecore (and other ASP.NET 4.6 apps) in a Windows Server Container.