Native Windows Server Container support on Windows 10 is coming

Build 2016 is now over and there was a few interesting things announced, my favorite is the "Windows Subsystem for Linux" which enables you to run native ELF binaries on Windows without any form of virtualization. See how it works and what to expect in the upcoming Windows 10 insider builds here. Hanselman also has a cool video showing it off here.

But the most exciting thing happened today as I got a UserVoice mail that my suggestion Native container support on Windows 10 was completed by the PM of Windows Server! He points to this blog post with all the details: //build 2016 Container Announcements: Hyper-V Containers and Windows 10 and PowerShell For Docker!

Today we are incredibly excited to be ending this pain for Windows developers by bringing Hyper-V Containers natively into Windows 10!

This will begin to be available in the comming weeks if you are a Windows 10 insider and should make into the release of the "Windows 10 Anniversary Update" also announced on Build 2016 which is coming this summer.