Sitecore 9, SIF and Docker

Using SIF to install Sitecore 9 in a Docker image.

Ultimate legacy-in-a-box test

Go old school and run Sitecore 4.3.2 with Docker!

Visual Studio 2017 Docker tooling and Sitecore

Using the new built-in tooling to develop Sitecore solutions.

Sitecore and Docker - Today!

It is today possible (and usable) to run and develop Sitecore solutions in Docker.

Native Windows Server Container support on Windows 10 is coming

Awesome Build 2016 announcements...

Sitecore running in a Windows Server Container - Part 2

Tips and tricks for working with containers and hosts.

Sitecore running in a Windows Server Container

The day finally came! It is now possible to run Sitecore (and other ASP.NET 4.6 apps) in a Windows Server Container.

Live Mode, TDS and workflow settings on Standard Values gotcha

When using TDS to manage a template with workflow settings on the standard values item, then you can't add it to a TDS project.

Sitecore CD nodes not picking up events after replication re-initialization

What happens with CD nodes after replication re-initialization and why do they ignore all events?